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Get 5 games for $5!

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Green Man Gaming has a promotion going on for 5 games for $5. There are a lot of different titles to choose from, all of a different price range, and you can mix and match. Snatch them up now though because supplies are limited and there are already several games that are out of stock.

Get your 5 games for $5 here:

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Not heard of most of the games there but that's to be expected for just $5 I guess. I'm sure some people will benefit from this especially if they are looking for some new games to try out and play. Just wish maybe one day they could do something like this for PS4. I wouldn't mind 5 PS4 games for $5 😆

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6 hours ago, xXInfectedXx said:

I wouldn't mind 5 games for 5$, what a great, affordable Xmas Gift that would be! Do you know whether this offer only available in the US or in the UK aswell? Not heard of this company before, how reputable is it from your experience?

Green Man Gaming is super legit. I have bought keys from them before and you don't really have anything to worry about. The only thing I can say about this deal is that I am not familiar with most of these games so the deal doesn't really appeal to me that much and the fact that the deal still goes on tells me it isn't to other people as well.

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