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4 minutes ago, UleTheVee said:

Because you guys really need to have somewhere to make these questions. So yeah, I can answer them. Maybe my friends at VGR can answer with their own experiences too!

What are the prizes for the competitors in your tournaments?

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34 minutes ago, DC said:

You already have a thread so I merged it here.

Will we continue buying games with intrusive micro-transactions - what will wake people up to this?

Do you want my sincere opinion? My most honest and brutal opinion I could ever give? Well.


Yes. Absolutely.

In my latest Op-ed regarding how EA unintentionally saved the video game industry I talked about how people were defending Loot Boxes before EA came with Battlefront II. In that specific article, I mentioned that while Loot Boxes are very likely over at this point, a new intrusive microtransaction would rise and gamers would defend it non-stop. For crying out loud, people are defending the goddamned red dot from Black Ops 4 and the cycle is already repeating itself.

NOTHING will wake the gaming community up to this sort of shit. It has become the norm and sadly, there's nothing we can do about it unless the companies finally STOP pushing these microtransactions schemes altogether. The reality of this is that casuals just eat this sort of stuff up no matter what. We can talk about how Activision is under fire all we want, Call of Duty is still a huge million dollar franchise. We can talk about EA's constant PR blunders and how they give 0 fucks about their customers, they still got FIFA and it's awful FUT scheme.


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