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Favorite Songs in Video Games

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Don't remember the exact name of the song.  But in the first Red Dead Redemption when you first arrive in Mexico it plays this song as you ride to the first town, it was so perfect in that moment, totally immersed you into the game and created a great experience.  I will always remember that song kicking in at that moment.

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Nobody has mentioned anything from The World Ends With You? Oh my goodness. I, your forum goddess Fanta will bless your ears with the heavenly sounds of TWEWY.




The game is getting ported to Switch later this year so do yourself a favour and pick it up. Or grab the existing game on DS / iOS / Android.

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The Hotline Miami series, FTL: Faster Than Light, Fallout 3 and Fallout: New Vegas all have INCREDIBLE soundtracks. About half of the music I listen to these days is music from video games. We're pretty lucky these days. Also, old-school stuff like Super Mario World and the Silent Hill series also had bodacious soundtracks. 

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