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Most Unique Game Played for the PS2

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The original Ratchet & Clank game was the most unique game I had played for the PS2. The dynamics between using Ratchet and Clank inter-changeably for puzzles and in combat as well as how they interacted with each other along with the in-game events and gaming world really provided a unique experience. What is the most unique game you played on the PS2 and why?

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For me it had to be Final Fantasy X. It was my first turn based game. Lots of strategy involved and great story. I was greatly surprised by that game. Other ones are Fatal Frame because you have to capture pictures of ghosts in a haunted house. The Suffering was cool. It was a unique horror game in a prison. Destroy All Humans, because instead of killing aliens, you are the aliens killing humans!!! So glad they remastered it for the ps4. Just came out. Indigo Prophecy and Obscure were unique horror games. For me, by far was FFX. I know it was popular and has been around for ages. That was my first game in that play style so it was way different from any other game I have ever played. Persona 5 compares, but only thing I don't like about it is you have to tally around in shops and crap before you get to the fighting. 

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Most of you have probably never heard of this one let alone played it but the most unique game on PS2 that I played by a LONG way was Prisoner of War:




You play as an American piolet during World War 2 who is shot down and captured by the Germans.  While a prisoner a friend is murdered by a General and you discover a plan that could swing the course of the war in the Nazi's favor.  So It's up to you to plan your escape, foil the enemy’s plans and take revenge.


What makes this game unique is that unlike other WW2 games and movies around at the time (and they were bloody EVERYWHERE) which were all "Michael Bay-ed" to fuck, this features no combat at all!  It's a pure stealth game where you'll be sneaking, donning disguises, hiring other prisoners to distract the guards and trading contraband cigarettes and alcohol for tools and equipment.


Another very interesting aspect is that although the story itself is fictional, there are tons of elements that are historically true and accurate.  This includes the locations of Stalag Luft and Colditz, the "Great Escape" plan, the Germans’ development of Rocket Weapons and even a glider in Colditz.


I doubt it would ever happen but I’d love to see a remake of this with improved presentation, stealth mechanics and enemy AI.

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