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Do you play Creative or Survival on Minecraft?

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Would love a lengthy Creative vs. Survival thread! 

I've never enjoyed creative mode as much as I have survival. If I'm playing Minecraft, I'll always either be on an SMP or PvP server. Never, ever play single-player, neither. I think the challenges and rewards in survival mode outdo creative on Minecraft any day! 


What's your preferred Minecraft game mode? 

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I don't think I ever played Creative. Survival gives you something to lose and is on the whole way more exciting. 

My friend used to use Creative as a way to design her absurd fortress which she made an effort to rebuild onto every server she could find. So that's one use for it, I guess. XD

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It's all down to preference and how you feel. Yes, they're different and I prefer Survival.  If you like building, experimenting and designing,  then use creative. On the other hand, if you want to have fun surviving, then survival is right for you, if your a patient person who wants to work towards different goals in the video game. 

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