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Does anybody gamble on eSports?

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Just now, Justin11 said:

Gambling on steam is just like any other gambling market choice, you're just betting at risk, since you don't know who's going to emerge victorious. 


Based on this and the last post I quoted on you on, I'm starting to wonder if you actually know what Steam is. It is not a lot of things, including a casino.

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2 minutes ago, Shagger said:


Based on this and the last post I quoted on you on, I'm starting to wonder if you actually know what Steam is. It is not a lot of things, including a casino.

Oh no, it was an error, I was just thinking about the high number of steam PC users. Such is meant to cover up for E-sports betting option via gambling platforms. The user which is @Zesty made mention of not gambling around E-sports. I try to answer his/her comment. 

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15 hours ago, Ryan Blake said:

I saw my roommate scrolling through a betting website. It literally had all the games and sports categories to bet on. 

Your roommate is a gambler indeed, I hope he/she is winning bets? I don't bet anymore, because my profit came below my loss that's why I stopped. 

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The industry changed a lot in the past 4 years, I'm trying to avoid it in general, not because I'm not up for it, but because it's not standardized properly yet.

I was working as a marketing consultant for a few operators and saw the switch from "We don't know what esports is" to "Ok let's offer esports betting on our site" and most of the larger operators who had an actual license to do it got burned in their first year.

I'm not gonna name any companies, but the process looked like this basically, the operators thought that

- they can do the numbers in-house with their own traders, not keeping in mind that their traders are not savvy with esports and don't know the market at all.

- they can believe the "large brands" within the esports world, and the more noise a team has generated on social media, the better they must be.

- the IESF organization will be open for partnerships (spoiler: they weren't)

- (most important) the users who will gamble will be mostly 18+ for Europe and 21+ old for Canada

In return what they got was an influx of minors with fake ID's and mom and pa's credit cards who wanted to gamble, and those who were old enough were also experienced within the esports world and knew the teams/players good enough to win almost every bet there was.

I remember that the biggest flop was that match where we had a female team competing in one of the earlier LCL's, I think the name was Vavictus or something along those lines.

In other words, the first few years were a disaster. Until the pandemic kicked, then all of a sudden the old traders were replaced by experienced esports traders, and the whole industry has somewhat matured. Nevertheless, there's still no historical data on a bunch of teams, and it's hard for the traders to set up the correct numbers.


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On 7/23/2018 at 8:31 PM, 9Online said:

I've never officially placed wagers online for eSports but I've thrown money on the table around friends over COD matches!

Does anyone here actually place bets on eSports? 

People do it all the time, but I never have. I think there may be ways to do it legally, but it's already been proven with multi-country investigations that some of the e-sports gambling is basically organized crime groups (which is obviously illegal). The crime groups pressure the younger players into throwing a match so the crime groups make a large amount of money and the players get a small slice.

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