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Do you ever get bored of gaming?

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Well, For starters professional gaming is different from casual gaming.

Professional gamers make money or fame by playing video games , as the name suggests.

So , mostly they are into playing MMO games and streaming it for views and followers , ex: Twitch.

And these games host different rounds with conditions and experiences which helps these people to be interested.

So, no …i don't usually get bored but anyway if they get there would be a new game with much more followers wanting the person to shift his play to that game.

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Yes! I do sometimes get burned out on gaming and have to move my interests over to something else for a while until my interest in gaming comes back and I actually feel like gaming again. This has not happened for a while for me however I remember earlier this year I got so burned out when gaming that I ended up going off and watching movies and TV shows just to take a break away from games for a while. I think now because I look back and remember how burned out I got with gaming, I pace myself more and spend less time gaming and more time doing other things so that I avoid being burned out again, so far it seems to be working so I am hoping that I have a balance.

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