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If you could become the owner of one gaming company?

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If you was given the chance to become the owner of one gaming company, which one would you choose? Are there any particular reasons?

I would definitely choose Valve. Counter Strike: Global Offensive is one of my favourite video games and it's a nice company.

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My dream job is to open my own game studio so it that's the one I would pick. If I took over another company I'd have to deal with their IP, culture and whatever else comes with taking over a company.

That or I'd take over Microsoft so I could get MS bucks and tell them to let Rare make good games again (albeit I haven't played Sea of Thieves so I can't comment on that).

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Gaming studio is hard, but I'd love to own BioWare. I think BioWare's company would be super fun to own as I love a good RPG, so their like God in those circumstances. If not them then I'd like to hang around with Bandai Namco. Even though they are a publisher, I think it'd be neat to sit in on all the cool stuff they're doing.

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