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Fallout 76: 'Survival Mode' Coming To The Game

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Fallout 76 will have a Survival Mode added to it soon. According to the post, this new mode is based on community feedback from players who want "greater challenge, fewer restrictions and more incentives when it comes to PvP combat".



To that end, when players log to the main menu, they will be offered Adventure of Survival modes. New characters can be created for one type of server or the other.

Here's what Survival mode embodies:

all players but teammates or event group mates are flagged as hostile

players can be attacked or attack without restriction

level scaling will be in play

respawn will be at a player's CAMP

double caps will be the reward for killing another player

"each of your deaths is more devastating and every kill you rack up much more lucrative"

there will be leaderboards

Patch 5 is still on track for the end of January.



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