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Nightdive Studios releases Forsaken Remastered

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This game is definitely one that's on my radar. I remember the original classic Forsaken from PSone and I really like to give this remaster a try. 🙂 I'm really happy to see all these old PS1 era titles being remastered in some capacity. It really brings back memories from my childhood. So far we've gotten Crash N-sane trilogy, We're getting Spyro 1,2 and 3 remastered in November and now Forsaken is remastered. I'm curious to see which games devs will remaster next. 😄


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This Foresaken game seems like a interesting game - after the earth is nuked, leaving behind a rather desolate place - the human population flees to space, and bounty hunters, mercenaries and thrill-seekers return to earth to gather treasures and settle old scores.

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