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A Wild Melon Appears!

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Hello everyone, my name's Melon! I'm a twenty-year-old (soon to be twenty-one!) girl from Wisconsin the frigid north, and I'm here to make some new friends! I've been gaming for as long as I can remember. I'm a big fan of open-world games; my favorite video game series is The Elder Scrolls series (Oblivion has my heart). I also play a few other games such as: Overwatch, Fallout NV, Warframe, and Deep Rock Galactic, to name a few. Anyway, I'm looking forward to meeting you all, and I can't wait to discuss all kinds of fun topics! ❤️ 

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Did somebody mention melons?!... Goddammit, it's somebody's user name! I thought were talking watermelons like ummm...the fruit. Welcome to VGR and as a fellow Elder Scrolls fan, I am happy you joined us! Don't mind me, I tend to get hungry just talking about food...I think I might have Shaggyitis or something. 

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