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Turn-based combat?

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How do you feel about turn-based combat in video games?

Initially, I hated it, because I played nothing but shooters for a really long time, and couldn't see the appeal of being pulled out of real time in any way, shape or form.

But after playing some games with turn-based combat for some time now, I've come to appreciate the tactical side of playing in that way, and realize it just offers a different type of challenge. So now I enjoy turn-based combat as well.

Where do you weigh in?

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I was a big fan of Turn-based RPGs on my GBA but when I first got Fire emblem on my Wii it got very boring , and not because it was a bad game, its just that I got stressed about sitting on the same place for hours with this type of game. For me Turn-based games are more enjoyable when they are portable.

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I used to enjoy Final fantasy type turn based combat. But these days I'd rather prefer the straight forward FPS instead. Because turn based combat can be pretty boring. And often it can be same old pattern. And often has nothing new to the table. But I am glad that there is a category for something like this. It can be good to try out something new out of style once in a while. 

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