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Do you clean your PS4?

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My PS4 tends to have dust build every now and then like 6 months in. I usually take it to a shop where they offer to service the PS4 for you. I would do it myself but I'd rather not risk it. Sometimes I get surprised by the amount of dust that the fan of the PS4 collects, even though I have it placed on a spacious and clean place. It doesn't cost much, it's about 20 bucks and the fan doesn't make a louder sound compared to when it was dirty. Do you clean your own ps4?

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I have an Xbox one(well my cousin has it most of the time but it is technically still mine) and what I do is use a can of air(Like the ones you use to clean your PC with) and clear out any dust around the vents and then use an earbud to clear out the vents. As a reminder, don't use any water because it will damage the components if it manages to get inside the machine(you probably already know this by now but some people actually still do this)

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