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FIFA 19 Rant

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Has anyone played FIFA 19? Ok so I just got it a couple of weeks back and let me tell you... It sucks! It's all glitchy! It's a freakin bugfest there. I've ran into alot of them. For example, when you get an extra point for your skills a notification pops up on the top right of your screen annnnnnd it stay's there through out the entire match and upon going to the menu page. The only way it will remove is if you gain an extra point. Also, There are a couple of times that my players do whatever they want they don't attack, defend nor do anything they just stand there. It's very annoying! Also, why do they all have vains on their neck? That's something I didn't like. ell, I gues I'm going back to fifa 18.

What bugs have you've encounter? What didn't you like from FIFA 19?

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