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Red Dead Redemption 2

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God I love this game! I just started playing it last night lmao! I know I know it's a bit late but who cares?! I must admit this is my favorite game of all times! After my little pony that is. This game has very beautiful graphics and the scenary is amazing! The visual aspect is the best of the best. Everything is beautiful the ponds, lakes, mountains, vast plains and alot more. I don't drink in real life but I love drinking in the game. I'm barely in chapter 2 but I'm not really doing the main missions I decided to explore this gigantic world. The gameplay is very good aswell. It's a very detailed game everything has life of it's own. I'm in love! Have any of you tried this game yet? What were your first impressions? Have you encountered any bugs? What do you like doing in the game? If Rockstar came to us with this amazing game what can we expect with GTA VI?

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