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Needing help from collectors.

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Hello Ladies and Gentlemen,


My Name is Jake, I am from the Netherlands and i'm doing a internship at a Nintendo focused retro online shop for my study marketing. They asked me to do a market research about collectors (hence why I am here) The main question of that market research is '' How can we let collectors subscribe to our rare game supply and pictures '' but before I can answer that question i need to get some other answers as well.

So I made a google form: https://goo.gl/forms/WZ2nvqW5Wji7cQTj1

I know this is not your typical forum post on a gaming forum but I would appreciate it if people would answer that form so I can finish my paper before my internship stops.

Thanks for reading and answering me.

- Jake

P.s. Are there any more websites for game collectors i can ask for help?

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