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Have you ever been banned from a game?

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I remember when one jerk who was friends with some admins on a small open source gaming server tried to flame me into getting myself banned because he was jealous of my mini-civilization I was building there and sadly did not think he could co-exist with it. Although it was only one server, it was a big influential server. My reputation is still tarnished in that game to this day.

(Don't you hate jerks that are besties with the admins and can get away with nearly anything)

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Never got banned in any games. However I have seen a lot of bots from china server which used to get banned in the middle of the game. I am guessing those people ran some sort of scripts to win over some of our team. And they got banned. I think PUBG and few other similar companies make sure to ban such type of the chinese hackers from the server these days. 

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