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GTA: Convince my friend

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Wow, seems like a rarity for someone not to play GTA at time of our lives haha. All I can really say is that all the GTA's, but especially V, have been the most amazing and most replayable games I've ever played. The open world aspect, the 'freedom' to do whatever I want and unleash the more...unethical side of me shall we say, is a blast. It's always well written, and when I played GTASA, I always found myself just taking a drive as if it was real life listening to the great soundtracks. I suppose all I can say is I can't recommend it highly enough! 

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It really depends on what your friend is like and what misconceptions they'd have. I'll probably start by asking the plainly if the game gets their attention and if it doesn't, why is that, and then go from there. For all we know, they just never went around buying it and might still think it is very expensive or something.

Probably by telling them why you enjoy the game can spark some of their curiosity too. For me it was probably a friend telling me that I would definitely enjoy Trevor's plotline and offering to play Online with me. We were in our own servers and he showed me the ropes and helped me do missions and just have fun.

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Tell him he can off the hookers and take back his money unlike in real life if you aren't satisfied...Hey don't look at me funny - it's in the game.😂 In all seriousness, GTA always has very interesting characters, the storytelling is amazing and the practically limitless amounts of things you can do in-game is ridiculous. Did I mention it has real-life elements like bribing the authorities?

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