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2 hours ago, The Blackangel said:

I still play my NES, SNES, & N64 regularly. None of them are modded, and they are the original actual systems. I have no problems as of yet, but you're right. They will break down eventually. The NES can be moody as hell, but that's to be expected from a 34 year old system. They were released in 1985 after all. But either way, I'm sticking to gaming that way.

True to that there is nothing like playing with the original console to feed that nostalgia, I had my fair of issues trying to get working consoles and fixing some others thats why I dont like owning retro-consoles.

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I have 3 NES & 3 SNES consoles, all in perfect working order. I pick up bundles off CL all the time. If there's a problem with a cartridge system I fix it and resell it. Or hang on to it for myself. I have a couple N64,s and a few Sega's. Both gen1 and gen2 Sega's.

I also have 3 PS3's and more PS2's than I know what to do with. Then there's also my Atari 2600, and Sears Home Gaming System. But that one I don't play because it's complete in box and I don't want to fuck anything up.

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11 hours ago, Syntax said:

GameCube is retro right?

Otherwise I have the PS classic retro that they brought back, with of course more of the games via the nice little hack you can do to it.

No. GameCube is not retro. If it uses a CD it is in no way retro. A retro system uses cartridges. An exception would be something like the Sega CD, or another disc system that came out pre-2000. Meaning if it is a 6th gen or newer, it's not in any way retro.

Wikipedia Generation List

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