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Martin Berisford

What was the last game that really impressed you?

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This one is really in the title! I'm looking for new game ideas so I wanted to know what was the last game(s) you've played that really stoked your fire, got you on the edge of your seat and unable to wait to play it even more? 

For me, the last couple games I've played that got me like that was back when GTA V was first release, I just got such a high playing that game - it really hit a 10/10 for me. Also PUBG (I only started playing the other month) but boy that game has got me hooked. I can't even get in APEX because I'm so hooked onto PUBG!

What about you? 

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Hmm, I think the last game that super impressed me was Octopath Traveler. Wasn’t expecting it to be so damn gorgeous. Not only that, but its writing and combat is excellent as well. Was very enamoured with it, and it ended up being my game of last year, along with God Of War.

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