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Rise Of The Tomb Raider

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I was looking forward to playing this game on ps4, I hated waiting for it because it came out one year earlier on xbox one. Whatever, this amazing game didn't let me down. It's worth my wait and my money. I've played all tomb raider games and I could compare it especially with its prequel, Tomb Raider 2013.

 First of all, graphics are amazing, one of the best I've ever seen on PS4, both characters and settings are absolutely realistic. 

Settings are breathless, not too varied being always in the same area but amazing and well-finished. Unlike its prequel, Lara has more abilities and skills to improve, in this new one she can also swim under water, climb on trees, hide herself in bushes to avoid enemies and use a grappling hook! All of this, added to more tools to collect to upgrade guns, moreover she can also change her outfit and each one has a different bonus.

In the previous one, you had just 4 weapons and both hunting and gathering were almost useless, they just gave you some xp. While in this one, like in Far Cry, you have a wide range of weapons and you have to kill a bear to obtain its fur and create a holster, or you need to collect mushrooms and wood to make poisoned arrows, just for instance. 
Map is twice (or even three times) as big as the prequel and the gameplay is very long, to finish the story you need to take 15 hours, but if you want to explore the tombs, follow secondary missions etc. 


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I thought it was a solid game.  I have enjoyed both installments in this new reboot.  I have always enjoyed that stealth/action style of gameplay.  I think these games do a nice job filling the void that Uncharted left when that series ended while also offering moments and a style unique to Tomb Raider.  I am excited to play the new one coming out this September. 

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