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Custom Built or Pre-Built

Custom Built or Pre Built?   

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1 minute ago, UleTheVee said:

I actually got it right the first time even though Imade the mistake of installing the motherboard first (lol). So yeah, as long as you keep your head clear and you learn how your comp works, you'll get things going in no time.

Mistakes are part of the process - I also learned not to ever use a hydro cooler in a gaming desktop again because at some point it will start leaking and mess up your gaming computer (Can you imagine I have to be playing games on a laptop with 1050m now? -_-

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On 4/18/2019 at 1:18 PM, Darya said:

If I ever have the money and time to buy the parts and all, I might make one, but for now I need to focus on other things, however fun building your own computer sounds.

It is pretty fun and the feeling of accomplishment is one that you cannot underestimate.

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18 hours ago, skyfire said:

Custom built is often fun when you have time. Because often you have other commitment and you don't want to spend time on the custom built stuff. Often pre built if can be a good option for the building I may prefer that. 

A lot of times, I find that the wiring among other things in pre-built PCs to be poorly done and the sad part is you can't really adjust it yourself or else your warranty will be voided.

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If it's an option, custom is always the better way to go. You know what you want, and how to go about getting it. But for those of us that don't have a clue or the money, we have to go with pre built. I surf the web mostly. I'm not a big PC gamer. But for those that are, they need certain specs or their computer would be better used as a boat anchor. Also if you have the know how, it's better to build it yourself. You don't know if a special order is giving you exactly what you ordered. Like I said in a previous post, I could have built you a hell of a machine during the Win98 era. But I probably couldn't even point out the CPU anymore.

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I have a pre-built PC, not a gaming one.  Anyway, I'm not keen on really knowing if custom is better than pre-built.  Anyway, I certainly want a gaming one - because the better graphics and memory is suitable for 3D art creation (one of my hobbies).

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I think any computer capable of handling 3D rendering can be used as a gaming machine. And it can pretty much handle the requirement for the processing power and also enough RAM for the gaming from what I have seen most of the time. 

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