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How likely is Stadia to succeed?

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I think in the long run, Stadia has some potential. It’s cheap, and - with time - our internet infrastructure will improve. I don’t think it’ll launch to very high sales, though. But I’m not sure if Google is expecting big launch sales. It may carve out its own niche, but I’d be surprised if it sold anywhere close to PS4/PS5 or XB1/XB Scarlet.

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18 hours ago, Mindy Shaw said:

Umm I think it's going to be a huge success, with it's features and the games announced for the cloud streaming service (check here https://gameboggy.com/article/games-confirmed-for-google-stadia-cloud-streaming/1567405526211) I don't think it can fail. Its said to be a competitor for the other streaming services !! 


Yeah I agree with @skyfire its to expensive for a streaming device, and it doesnt have like exclusive games, the games that it has are just the normal games that you can find on any other console like with PS4, Xbox One and even PC at a much better price without the need to stream them.

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Give it around 5 years and it will be something normal. I think it all depends on the development of internet and if for example your old machine can rune it why not?

I would be for it if for example I would need only a good internet speed to play the newest games. Sounds weird but thinking about it it would be nice.

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On 4/11/2019 at 2:31 AM, jonbones said:


They won't make Stadia open source, but I agree with your first point - they'll play around with it for a few years before killing it off.


I think xCloud is poised for success, though.  Azure has been experiencing strong growth and they are getting ready for some very interesting moves RE: the xbox brand.

Well, I don't really see the essence in still running a project that proves to be a bad one. If it's not working after few years have been invested in it, it's the right thing to pull the plug. 

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