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Watching vs Playing

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Playing over watching 1,000,000 times out of 1,000,000! 🙂

Watching is okay, I guess. In the right environment. I'm only really a fan of Basketball anyway, so at least it's not something boring as like Golf, or Soccer (I'd love to watch Baseball though, even though it's not really a thing in Australia.)

But playing Basketball to me is always the best option. 🙂

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I personally would prefer to watch over play a lot of the time but that always depends on the kind of sport it is and whether or not I have an interest in it to both watch and play. Tennis is one I don't mind watching and playing if I am honest but when it comes to something like football I would rather watch that over play it. A small kick about on a field during the Summer is fine but to play a full match of football is not something I can do.

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