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Favorite E-Sports team?

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Which E-Sports team is your favorite? There's clans like FaZe, Rise Nation, Cloud 9, Team Kaliber,Optic Gaming.  Which do you support?

For me, i've always been a tK guy. I like their sense of 'family' they got within their organization and even towards those that are no longer with their organization, they still treat them as though they are part of their 'family'.  Plus I find Kosdff to be pretty hilarious at times. 😛


Which big E-Sports team do you support?

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On 8/21/2018 at 2:32 AM, Keranov said:

I don't really watch E-Sport at all and I don't have a favourite team. When I watch professional gameplay I just look for some compilations in YouTube.

I'm much the same. I don't put any stock in e-sports, and find the whole concept pretty embarassing for the players.

I like Team Liquid though....Basically because of Ken Hoang...And because I'm a Survivor fan...And because Ken Hoang was on Survivor Gabon...


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1 minute ago, Katri Marcell said:

I don't watch esports in general but back in my LoL days I loved Fnatic. Their team is nothing now like it was back then though 😄

The Esports are getting many changes in every team every 6 month practically 😛

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