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Aerielle del Rosario

If given a chance, what would be your game like?

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Alright I have one game that I would like to see , and it would be like this:

It will be about One piece (Anime) , its about Pirates.
It will be an open world like Assassins creed 4, where you have to travel from Island to island on your ship and clear each island to unlock more areas. The game itself will be about the first half of the show (Grand Line) . You will be able to switch between the crew members of the main characters and gain experience depending on how much time you spend playing with each character.
Of course the main story will be the about the main story arcs of the show and you will be forced to use different characters depending on the story arc and sometimes depending on the main quest you will use other characters from the One piece world like allies or antagonist. You will be able to upgrade the abilities of your characters and you will also be able to unlock more abilities as you gain experience as well as new costumes and cosmetics for your ship. The game play will be very similar to One piece Pirate warriors since the gameplay fits the atmosphere of the game. Escaping from the Marines or Bounty Hunters and fighting against rival pirates and Sea Monsters will be among the many activities that you will find while traveling through the sea, as well of course treasure hunting.
In order to unlock more islands you will have to progress through the main story and you will be able to do side missions or in this case " side/extra  islands" normally related to the main story arc or related to filler episodes or early tv specials of the show. You will also be able to do small jobs like fishing, shopping , treasure hunting and beating up the local tug or local antagonist of an island or area. 
The graphics will be cell-shaded , this will help the frame rate for the open world and also because its an anime based game.

As well as the cherry on top once you complete the main story you will be able to switch between other characters of the One piece world freely such as antagonist or allies, you will be able to unlock each character by completing specific quests or missions of the main story and of the side quests or also by completing certain challenges, these characters will also have their own skill tree so you can upgrade and unlock their abilities.

The only DLC that I have in mind is for the Strong wolrd arc (the one piece movie) which will add new areas to explore, another main arc, enemies and more characters to choose from to explore the world.

The second game will be about the second half of the show (New Wolrd) and it will be basically the same just new areas and characters.

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I would make an apocalypse similar to Tom Clancy Division right at the doorstep of the WH, as an open world spanning across cities and countries. I love when the story progresses to different environments. I like how TLOU took us through the city, woods, suburbs, apartments, hospital, etc. in one story. But I would make it open world, single player campaign, and lots of quests that aren't pointless exp and coin gain. There would be mechanics such as flying jets, tanks, and pretty much everything. Similar to Mercenaries on PS2 100 years later in modern technology. And since I like blades over gunpowder, there will be a balance of both. My apocalypse would be civil unrest and all out factional war. And since war is horror, I will show scenes of torture and the game probably will be banned from showing too much blood and gore. 

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