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Would you work a crunch time schedule?

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One of the main justifications I hear for crunch time is, “They knew what they were getting into when they took the job.”

I think that’s pretty short-sighted, as a person rarely knows what their limits look like until they’ve been pushed to or past them. Plus, there’s really no getting around the fact that crunch time produces health consequences physically and psychologically.

In any case, it got me wondering—would anyone here picture themselves agreeing to work a crunch time schedule to make a video game?

I wouldn’t, but that’s because I do know my own limits, and I know that even if I “got through it,” it’d be at the cost of my physical health (and mental well-being, as a result).

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I have seen few 2D games for android which were made like that way because of the christmas sales. And the game had downloads and lot of bugs. So it does happen from time to time with some brands. 

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I think it comes down to a couple of things.

1. Are you a small time developer getting a game licensed through you from a big time developer, such as Bethesda?

2. Are you brand new to the scene as an individual? I think in that case you take anything you can get lol.

3. Is it possible that you signed onto a project that you originally were told was gonna be lengthy in development, but then you get word that it's shrunk?

I don't know, just food for thought!

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13 hours ago, The Blackangel said:

I've worked a couple kids like that, and they were pure hell. The emotional toll they take is extreme. I quit them after only a few months.

I was on my phone when I typed that response so I think that "kids" was supposed to be "kinds". GOD I FUCKING HATE AUTOCORRECT!!! I even tried turning that shit off, but it didn't do any good.


Anyway, the only time I can see me working on game development is if I was making a ROM-hack with some friends with no absolute deadline. I actually have 3 that are hard as hell, but just as fun.
The Legend Of Zelda: Parallel Worlds
The Legend Of Zelda: Goddess Of Wisdom
The Legend Of Zelda: Ancient Stone Tablets

All 3 are on the SNES. Like I said they're a bitch, but they're great.

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I've been through this when I worked for the government and was the main reason I left after 5 years. Why must I spend 60-70 hours a week just to earn a couple more dollars? I wouldn't want to do that ever again because you feel like a zombie after a while.

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On 5/4/2019 at 6:42 AM, Bravosi said:

I'd like to get paid less, but be more independent than have a huge salary and responsibility and lose my precious time...

Lose your time, soul and life - I've been in jobs like that before and it is absolutely horrible.

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On 7/4/2019 at 11:40 AM, skyfire said:

Indeed those jobs kind of kill us if we don't save the money from that. But it's also truth that there needs to be work otherwise people don't hustle and innovate. 

But working under such conditions cannot foster creativity so there will hardly be any innovation going on.

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