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Extended cutscenes/dialogue

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Sometimes I see gamers complain about long cutscene or extended dialogue in games. These things have never bothered me.

Do you like or dislike this type of thing, or do you feel neutral toward it?

I often look at a cutscene which advances a story as a kind of "reward" for finishing a hard section or level, especially if it is well-written and acted.

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17 hours ago, The Blackangel said:

The only time cutscenes bug me is if I'm replaying the game for my hundredth time and already know exactly what it says. But whether I've played it or not, I've hated that god damn owl in every Zelda game it's showed up in.

I'm not even sure it'd bother me after 100 times. Then again, I'm a person who watches the same TV shows over and over again. 

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