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Matt Morgans

Have you Heard of PixARK?

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Hi everyone,

Jacob and I recorded a gameplay video in PixARK which went up earlier today on VGR's YouTube channel - I'll be interviewing the developers soon, and they were kind enough to provide codes for the game. If you're interested, please do check it out! Plus, we're working on a few other videos this weekend, so keep an eye on the channel early next week for more Three Kingdoms content!

(If you're wondering about the title of this video, I recommend 27:40 - 29:15...)


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Thanks! With E3 on the horizon, we have a lot of interviews in the works, and a lot are with studios who are happy to provide us with review or early access codes. So, we had the idea to record gameplay videos which we could embed in the interview articles. PixARK is the first of these!

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