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Matt Morgans

VGR Weekly Recap #9: Death Stranding, Gaming Disorder, and More...

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Hi everyone,

Apologies for the delay this week, we had a software issue that delayed the podcast release to earlier today. Nonetheless, ep.9 of the podcast is now up, and this week Jacob and I discuss Death Stranding, Xbox Game Pass coming to PC, the issues with defining "gaming disorder," and more! As always, feel free to ask any questions you have or offer any feedback you think of!


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I agree with you completely - I'm not sure what Kojima is going for here because I have way more questions. Being that Kojima is the creator of the Metal Gear Series, I'll tend to give the game a chance because Kojima usually delivers. He tends to be able to find a good balance between gameplay and storytelling so I won't jump to conclusions just yet. Another thing we are guaranteed is that the game will be completely functional from Day one.

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