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Matt Morgans

Check out VGR's Top 5 E3 Predictions!

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Hi everyone!

Jacob and I recorded a video comparing our top 5 E3 predictions which we're hoping to see over the next few days. If you're interested, please do check it out! Do you think they're likely to happen? What about other things you're hoping to see?


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The Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order gameplay looks so boring!  The enemy AI is so terrible and the game is very bland visually. I hope to see Fable 4 at this year's E3 because I've always been a fan of the series as well.

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8 hours ago, TheSteelyardDweller said:

Fable 4 better be there

There was a leak saying it would so I hope so too but I heard that Bethesda is going to announce a MOBA at E3 which I am not looking forward to because I hate MOBAs -_-.

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