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Auction No. 6 - Respawn by Razer: Ultimate Respawn Kit - $130

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Use your Points to bid here and receive  Respawn by Razer: Ultimate Respawn Kit!* ($130 value).

Razer is currently selling the Ultimate Respawn Kit for $129.95. See here.




  • Respawn Shaker
  • Respawn Pomegranate Watermelon 20 Pack
  • Respawn Green Apple 20 Pack
  • Respawn Blue Raspberry 20 Pack
  • Respawn Tropical Pineapple 20 Pack
  • Coasters

This lightning auction will end when the Bid hits 5,000 or July 9th - whichever comes first!

You will earn 5 Points for each new thread you post, and 2 Points for each reply you make.

Click HERE to read our Points FAQ so you have a greater understanding of how this works.

Starting Bid: 500 Points
Minimum Bid increment: 250 Points
WIN (win it now): 5,000 Points

Simply reply to this thread with your bid.

* Cash equivalence not available for this auction. Winner will need to provide me with a mailing address. I will pay for shipping.

@DylanC, @The Blackangel, @Executor Akamia, @UleTheVee, @kingpotato, @killamch89, @Alyxx, @skyfire, & @Aerielle del Rosario

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