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Aerielle del Rosario

What makes mobile MOBA games popular these days?

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As a MOBA player myself, I wondered what makes this genre of game popular for those who have phones. If you would go in the page of google play or iOS for MOBA, there's a lot, LIKE A LOT of different MOBA games which make it hard to choose the best among the rest. 

I've been a player of League of Legends and Dota 2 for the longest time and I would always want to play it when I'm outside (of course, I can't) so I downloaded Arena of Valor, Vainglory, and Mobile Legends to suffice my need. Based on that, I could say that one reason is a lot of people are using mobile phones than PC or Laptop so they would download this as a replacement of those known MOBA games. (Is that why LoL will launch a mobile version too?)

To be honest, I enjoyed playing MOBA games on my phone because it's easy. Why? it's touchscreen and it's automatically aimed to your enemies so I won't have any trouble managing my hero but then they still have that difficulty right for the players. In addition, they also became popular in eSports because they don't have to that complicated set-up for computer... just phone. Same goes for other mobile games in eSports.

I'll give these as an example: 

World Cyber Games 2019 with the chinese MOBA , Honor of Kings


AIC 2017 with Arena of Valor



😁What are your thoughts about this? What do you think it's popular?😁

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