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Aerielle del Rosario

Is it Thailand team or Malaysian team who won for the 2nd place in WCG's APAC Finals Dota 2?

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I've been watching WCG for quite a while now, since their Grand Finals is getting near...(July 18~21, 2019 to be exact) but I’ve been very confused of what happened 😯

WCG has their mini game event where you can guess the winners or rank the players according to what you feel and predict. (Check the link) Originally, it was MS Cerberus TH from Thailand they announced as the winner but then Team Unicorn from Malaysia is on this mini-game and on their website. I don't know if there's an issue or the Thailand team just decided to discard everything...WCGstill haven't respond from this issue but I hope they'll update the fans soon. 😮

What do you guys think?



As you can see that they replaced Thailand Team with this Malaysian Team.



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