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Aerielle del Rosario

Issues surrounding World Cyber Games 2019

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I've made a thread before about WCG's sudden change with the qualified team regarding Thailand being the winner in the Regional qualifiers but then saw the Malaysian team on the Grand Finals. Now there's some new issues surrounding WCG. AND ONE OF IT WAS A BIG ONE!

  • Clash Royale Disaster

This is one of the mobile games that many people were excited to see in WCG. Clash Royale League started on the first day of the Grand Finals when something happened. In the schedule, it was supposed to start at 9pm CT but it was delayed for 6 hours. WCG updated everyone on twitter that they were fixing the “massive connection issues with the mobile devices.” Then, one of the admins accidentally leaked all of SK Gaming’s decks to their opponent by using it in test matches. The organizers shuffle the match-ups and the most awaited match were pushed to more delay. Pro players tweeted their disappointment about the issues. BUT after all those, the match went smoothly.

  • Changes with the Semi-finalists 

Here's the juicy news!!! Crossfire is one of the games that many people were watching to support their country’s representative. WCG announced Black Dragons (from Brazil) were part of the semi-finalists but then the next day, they’ve changed their decision and put ALL GAMERS (from China) instead and eliminated BD which caused a lot of bad reactions from fans. WCG released a statement about this issue and explained how they’ve based the decision from their rules (Head-to-head rule).

Here's the rule for those who wants to know:

In case of 3 or more teams having the same number of wins, the following rules shall apply

1) The Head to head match results are taken into account. The winner of the match (or matches) between the affected teams advances.

2) Number of winning rounds won during group matches.

3) If they have same number of round wins, it will be determined based on the difference between number of wins and losses.

4) Rematch.

5) If all of the teams do not qualify to advance to the next phase, they are deemed tied with same ranking.


Now, with all the issues surrounding them they managed to finish their 4-days Grand Finals smoothly. *applause* I really enjoyed the Robot fighting one 😄

Let's give them some chill, they've just come back after a long hiatus... it's bound to happen to make some mistakes here and there but the good part is that they acknowledge it and explained it for everyone to understand. Since, they've experienced all of those... I bet they will take note of that in the next WCG 2020. I understand the fans and the pro players rants as well but I also understand WCG's side. 

What can you say about this?

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