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Most tedious sequence in any game?

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What are the most tedious parts of games you’ve played? Here are some for me:

-The puzzle in Myst where you have to navigate through a maze using sounds.

-The entire Fallout 3 Mothership Zeta DLC (I didn’t hate it … it just was quite long and unvaried)

-The Circle tower in Dragon Age Origins (I actually kind of like the part in the Fade, but I have to admit while watching someone else play through it, the Circle is a bit tedious)

-The boss battle at the end of the Legacy DLC in Dragon Age II.

I am sure there are more I could be listing, but that’s all off the top of my head that really stands out. What about for you?

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- Super Meat Boy. Because I suck at it. (I still think it's a great game, though.)

- The opening section to Demon's Souls is terrific, but can be frustrating due to how far it is away to the first boss. (You're also half-dead by the time you reach it, which means a stiff breeze can kill you. If you die, you gotta do the whole section again.... Not good for your blood pressure.) 

- The piano puzzle in the OG Silent Hill -- it's still tricky working it out, even to this day.

- The Dead Money DLC from Fallout New Vegas -- hated how linear and limited it was.

- Some of the stealth sections in Outlast and Amnesia where you have to dodge the monsters or die a horrible death.

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Blaster Master (NES) - Trying to find the entrances to several levels. many of them aren't in order. For example the entrance to level 4 is hidden in level 1.

Legacy Of The Wizard (NES) - Playing the game. The object of the game is to find 4 crowns to awaken a dragon so you can kill it. I've been playing the god damn game for 30 years and have still only found 1 fucking crown.

Marble Madness (NES) - Don't get me started. this game is impossible.

T&C Surf Designs (NES) - I know it's an LJN game but I still enjoy it. But in all seriousness has anyone ever been able to do the surfing part? I always just go straight down. The skateboarding part is no problem, but that surfing is impossible.

1080 Snowboarding (N64) - Don't get me wrong, I absolutely love this game. But the moves are almost impossible to get down. It was a lot easier to actually learn them when I was competing than it is in the game.

Mario 64 (N64) - Tick tock clock. That stage is a bitch. I hate it. And the time on the clock when you enter makes all the difference in how everything moves inside.

Zelda OoT (N64) - Crossing the haunted wasteland. That part is such a pain in the ass. Following the flags to the shelter thing, then chasing a damn poe. Ugh. I would say the lost woods as well, but that's extremely easy to learn and memorize. But the worst part is that fucking owl. Kaepora Gaebora. I want to kill it and whoever created the god damn thing.

Zelda Link's Awakening (Game Boy) - Finding some of the keys that open the dungeons can be a major bitch if you're not all that familiar with the game. You'll search the entire map trying to find them.

Zelda Oracle Of Ages (Game Boy) - This one is just plain hard. At least to me it is. I enjoy it, but it sends my blood bursting out through the top of my damn skull.

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15 minutes ago, killamch89 said:

Alien Isolation's opening sequence is about 30 mins long and it is just a bunch of tutorials along with a bit of story which progresses very slowly in the beginning.

FF8 is like that. The first half of the first disc the characters are constantly stopping you to explain everything. And a lot of it even continues into the second disc.

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8 minutes ago, The Blackangel said:

FF8 is like that. The first half of the first disc the characters are constantly stopping you to explain everything. And a lot of it even continues into the second disc.

Final Fantasy has always been like that plus it is an rpg and most rpgs around that timeframe did the same exact thing so it is a bit more tolerable. On the other hand, when you have a somewhat fast-paced game like Alien Isolation with a far more simple storyline that doesn't need that much explaining, it really does grind my gears.

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