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Epic Moments in Anime

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Albedo's disdain for humans makes her such an interesting character as I swore she was going to kill him the moment he touched her. It's probably the first time i've seen her manage to keep her composure around humans throughout this whole episode.

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I must've watch this episode at least 3 times this week and this part still makes me laugh. For a bit of context, he sits on two of his female subordinates as "punishment" but they love when Ainz does this. Cocytus overheard one of them mention it and that's why he did this.

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I have a few. SPOILERS for all videos.

And that's how Madoka Magica became forever sealed as my favorite anime of all time. lol Because the shocking twists didn't stop there. And sure, there have been dark magical girl anime before, but I feel like Madoka Magica really changed how magical girls were portrayed ever since, the same way The Dark Knight influenced superhero films. Gone were the days where magical girls were symbols of hope and love.

Gintama had tons of epic moments, but most of the memorable ones for me were its comedic WTF moments:


I still remember the days when I could ask, "How the f*** did they get away with that?!"

Before Madoka Magica came into my life, I think the first time I got "WTF'd" by an anime was Gurren Lagann. It had tons of epic moments, especially when the Giga Drill Breaker appeared for the first time and broke the Internet, but this one stood out for me because it was the first time I saw an anime or even a TV show having the balls to pull something like this several episodes down the series (7 episodes if I recall):


And then of course, I'd be remiss not to have mention Nichijou, the greatest of slapstick slice of life:

Just watch the series. Thank me later. 😛 

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Even though I have already read the entire Thousand Year Blood War Arc in the bleach manga, To finally see it animated and the quality of it - amazing! Yhwach marching the quincies through Hueco Mundo looks awesome.

Dota: Dragon's Blood on Netflix is an absolute banger. This is actually one of the more mediocre fights in the entire series - that's just how awesome all the fights were in all three seasons.

Golden Kamuy season 4 has been on fire! Every episode so far has me on the edge of my seat.

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