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Retro Style Graphics and Gameplay

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@kingpotato mentioned that a lot of developers these days are focusing on a retro look and feel to games.  

What is everyone’s feeling on retro style graphics and gameplay? Is it something you like? Something you dislike?

I don’t have any games with retro style graphics, and it isn’t my preference, but I definitely don’t mind it.

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I'm a huge retro gamer but for me it depends on the game. Some retro style games feel a bit lazy in banking on the nostalgia, while others are really well made (like Stardew Valley, Undertale and Shovel Knight).

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On 10/19/2019 at 5:15 PM, The Blackangel said:

NES was and is the best. They didn’t sacrifice story for cosmetics. The best games came out in the era. I have a game on PS4 that I bought because it had SNES graphics. I love it. The classic blocky, pixelated graphics will always win out over lifelike graphics for me.

what ps4 game did u buy with those graphics

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There's this dumb misconception that pixel art automatically says that it's "Retro Style" when in reality it's a choice that was made because it's a rather easy way to develop your game compared to HD sprites and 3D graphics.

A lot of developers tend to be more expressive with Pixel art too, something that wasn't achieved during the NES days.


Pixel art is wonderful but it has been a very prominent focus as of late according to @StaceyPowers... But again, it's not really inspired by anything retro, it just can be its own form of art that isn't necessarily associated with the consoles of old.

Now, are indie games as of late like that? No.

Just this year we've had games like Indivisible and Deliver Us The Moon which have pushed the boundaries of HD graphics and 3D respectively. Not to mention, the current-day gvame engines like Unity and Unreal Engine  have been pushed to their limits by indie studios, whether in demos or otherwise.


So no, this market isn't going for too much Pixel art, in fact, I would say it hasn't been done enough... But more importantly...

Did you know @Alyxx never owned Axiom Verge?

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