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Best defense against video game rage?

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I was revisiting this thread from @Keranov today, and thinking about gaming rage.

While re-reading it I was thinking, what is the best way to avoid raging at video games?

So far, I have found that the best thing for me is simply to know what I am getting into, and to be patient with it. If I am very clear with myself from the off that it may take me a whole week to get through a single room in a game, I usually don’t get too frustrated by the repeat attempts and uncertainty. It’s only when I’m caught off guard that I get really angry—or when I don’t remind myself to be patient. Patience seems to stave off most bad episodes of rage.

How do you prevent video game rage?


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I typically just avoid games that I know will piss me off. For example, I have all 3 DKC on SNES. I have actually beaten the first two, but they piss me off so much, I have never attempted even playing the third one. The only reason why I even have it was just to complete the set. If it’s a game I’m unfamiliar with, but is my favorite genre, then I stick to my motto. I’ve always said I’ll try anything twice. I say twice instead of once because just because I didn’t enjoy the circumstances of the first time doesn’t mean I won’t enjoy the second. If I still don’t enjoy the second then I know the first wasn’t a fluke, and that I gave it a fair shot. But if I didn’t enjoy the first, but did enjoy the second, then it warrants a third shot and possibly more. For example, just because you hate McDonalds doesn’t mean you hate cheeseburgers.

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1 hour ago, skyfire said:

I think not expecting much from games and the players in it. That's the only way we can avoid rage. That's what we do in real life too. We don't hold much expectations from people and system. And so we control our rage in real life. Same applies in games too. 

Fantastic advice there mate.

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Video game rage  is part of the fun. No seriously, as long as you don't break anything - or do something else regrettable, then I don't see a problem.  Anyway, I've had my share of it - trying to beat Mario bosses in repeated tries.  Well, look at it this way.  It's a character builder!  😀

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