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I am currently trying to prepare for the Next Generation PlayStation console, so I started up this YouTube Channel for not just the console, but also a website I am ready to launch as soon as Sony unveils the PS5.

Even if PlayStation isn't your thang, I do have alternate channels - CarlosX360 is my main channel, and my stream channel is CarlosX720.

This thread is about my console livestreams. If you want mobile livestreams, go into my main channel (CarlosX360) and watch them. I will post them in a separate thread if possible.

Right now, I'll cherry pick 3. Come Modern Warfare's launch day or soon after, I'll post more. Right now though, this will have to do for now...

And now, for the finale: My Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Beta Montage!

Thanks for viewing my thread! Have a nice day!

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Yeah, the editor sucks on IPB, I can't separate the first two videos because the damn thing is like a Windows editor. At first it wouldn't resolve the embeds. UGH. Annoying.

Oh well, at least I got them working. You can ignore my old notification, sorry about that, @DC.

Edited by Carlos X
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