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Capcom Says Mega Man Live-Action Movie Is Still In The Works

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First Sonic - now this. I can already see them completely screwing this one up - Please just stop making movies off of videogames already because they are usually trash. Take the Doom movie for instance, does anybody like that movie? I totally agree with @The Blackangel that this is a bad idea on so many different levels. Come to think of it, I can't really remember one live-action movie based on a videogame/anime/cartoon character that I have actually liked.

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I am not sure what to expect, it is nice that Capcom is involved,  though I don't understand why lately it seems to be a fixation for videogames to be "live action". I am not sure how they will adapt it. Even Disney remakes are falling short because they are not sure how to take advantage of the medium they are choosing to retell their stories, so I really hope they can capture the essence of the series and can translate it well rather than just blind action sequences. 

Between that and Monster Hunters, probably the second would be easier to adapt. I guess we'll have to wait before we can get to see some images on what Megaman and crew would actually look like.

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