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Physical games that are incomplete

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I don't know how common this is, but I was talking with my friend and discussing how things have changed with gaming since we were little, and he mentioned to me about a skating game that basically if you went to buy it today from a retro shop you'd be screwed, because it turned out the disc only had half of the game and if you didn't download the remaining half online then you simply wouldn't be able to start and play a game. Basically, without it, that game is a useless piece of plastic.

Then on the switch a few years back we heard of the Basketball game, that even if you bought physical, you still needed a big chunk of space to download in your console. In this case, some case can be made about the cartridge format, then again we've seen gorgeous games running well on the switch, so it still seems like a bit too much for me.

I just really hope this is not something will be on the raise, I can't help my suspicions that perhaps some companies do this as a way to combat trading older copies once they move to the next generation so we can buy their virtual versions.

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