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What's your absolute favourite control ever

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I'm sure we all have an idea of how we rank the different controllers we have come across during the years. From the Arcade ones all the way to this generation. Some controllers adapted better to our hands and felt smooth while some others became kind of a pain to hold for long. 

For many Smash players, it seems like the GameCube controller is still their absolute favourite. When you stop and think that it is going to be almost 20 years since the controller came out and it is still being manufactured for the switch, it must stand with good cause many regards it with as much regard.

So guys, If you could choose only one controller that you could plug on every console and computer to play every game you ever wanted, which control would that be?


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While I grew up with Nintendo, I have to say that the most comfortable controller is the PS4 controller. I like that PlayStation kept the same controller for every system instead of changing it every time, but the slight adjustments that they made with the PS4 controller made it get my vote. If I was going to go with a Nintendo controller it would be the N64 controller.

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