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Share pictures of your characters?

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I absolutely love good character creators, I can spend an hour easily with some games character creation screen.

Here are a few characters from my spotty past:

Jack Shepard my OG character from Mass Effect, the first one I took on a 3 game journey.


Then here is the biggest renegade of the galaxy: Long Shepard, I created this character as a joke, but ended up being one of my deepest playthroughs of all 3 games.


And last but not least still from mass effect


And to remain in the same franchise, my Andromeda Character, I really like how she turned out, when everyone was claiming the character generator in ME:A that it was crap and you can only do goofy looking characters with it.


And here is my favorite character from my favorite Dragon Age game:

There was some modding involved to make her look muscular, this wasn't a standard feature of the game. 


And here is my inquisitor from DA:I in his pajamas, I so hated that outfit.


And for something more recent, V from Cyberpunk 2077




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On 1/5/2021 at 1:06 AM, The Blackangel said:

This is my Skyrim character. I unequipped everything from her just for this pic to give a better show of what I look like.




She looks quite mean from just looking into her eyes. It's one hell of rage that's burning through her eyes. I think i would work on a character like her. I'm copying your work already 😉

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