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The Blackangel

I Got A Totally Awesome Collectible

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B.S. stands for "Broadcast Satellaview". It's a game that was released only in Japan, and was online for only an hour at a time, for (if I remember correctly) a week or so. Players had to be online at the designated time to play the game. It was kind of a tournament thing that everyone went into completely blind. It's also known as Zelda: Ancient Stone Tablets. I have another copy of Stone Tablets, but it's for Super Famicom so I need to buy a SFC. I bought it on eBay, and was under the impression I was getting the SNES copy. I was wrong apparently. The seller didn't accept returns, so I'm stuck with a game I'm unable to play at the moment. I have Goddess Of Wisdom and Parallel Worlds on SNES. I haven't tried PW yet, but I play Goddess until my brain hurts then take a few weeks off. That's because the game is THE MOST INSANELY DIFFICULT GAME IN HISTORY. I have never played a game that was this hard. Don't get me wrong, I love a challenge, but there's a such thing known as moderation. This one is just too much of a good thing. But the most surprising thing about the whole thing is that it's an SNES game. A system that old, has a ROM-hack that is that difficult. This is something I would expect to see on the PS4 or Xbox One. Someone hacks Skyrim, or TLOU or something.

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