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What to expect for the Free games of Play Station PLUS on 2020

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The Play Station PLUS subscription had some good free games on 2019 like The Last of Us , Titan fall and Borderlands the handsome collection, for January 2020 we also got a good game The Nathan Drake collection. But what should we expect for the rest of the free monthly games for 2020 ? I was checking the history of free games from Ps Plus and most of them are games with in a price range of 10-20 dollars.

(I'm asking cuz I got the whole year of ps plus and Im wondering if it will be worth it, so far so good)

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There is a rumor that the Crash Bandicoot Trilogy will be part of the free ps plus games of February,  it seems that Sony is sticking to the remastered trilogies this year, if thats the case hopefully we will be able to get the bioshock collection eventually.

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On 4/3/2020 at 6:43 PM, The Blackangel said:

I don’t think those who are subscribed to PS Plus will be let down. Nintendo is kicking ass on their end, so PlayStation will want to keep up with them.


On 4/29/2020 at 7:44 AM, skyfire said:

Noticed some really good games announced for the month of May. So subscribers will surely love it. 

Sadly we where let down 😢 we where given two dumb construccion and farming simulators

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