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Proud videogaming moments

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 So guys, something I really like playing videogames is that sensation when you can crack a puzzle that seemed difficult, defeat a very hard boss, doing something really smooth and badass or simply having the luck of the Irish trying to wing something out, haha. 

 For example, long ago back when I was with my Gameboy, I remember being stuck in a room full of Jars while playing Link's Awakening. I tried many things. I tried to find the dumb switch or the hidden puzzle everywhere. It just eluded me. At some point, I decided to smash a pot against that damn door, and straight after I just hear the the door being unlocked  with the right-answer fanfare. My frustration melted with laughter.

 I am sure you all got some of those moments to share too, those moments that made you feel really good and proud. So share them with us. 
Anything that made you feel proud. Those crowning achievements of your gamer life.

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I have a few entries here. One was in Blaster Master on NES. The writers of the game decided to be sneaky as hell with the entrance to level locations. The entrances to levels 2 and 3 are simple enough. You find the entrance to level 2 in level 1, and the entrance to level 3 in level 2. Stands to reason you would think the entrance to level 4 would be somewhere in level 3. Nope. It's hidden way back deep in level 1. It's in an area that's inaccessible until after you beat the level 3 boss. And unless you're lucky, you would never have noticed anything in the entire area but empty sky. Finding that was pure dumb luck.

Another was in Legacy Of The Wizard. Your objective is to collect 4 crowns to awaken a dragon so you can kill it. I remember finding the first crown 30 years ago. I was over the moon. Now 30 years later, I HAVE STILL ONLY FOUND THAT ONE SINGLE FUCKING CROWN!  UGH!

Obtaining every mask in Zelda: Majoras Mask was a real achievement. Some were easy enough, and others were a true bitch to get. But in the end you can trade them all for the Fierce Deity mask and beat Majora easy as pie.

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