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Shoot Em Up Games!

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Who doesn't like those? 😀   Anyway, they used to be the stereotype of games, you know, back in arcade and Atari days.  Well, anyhow, what good ones are available now?  Note: I don't mean first person shooters - but rather something like where - you get in a spaceship and just start blasting rocks! 

More Questions

  • What was your favorite/favorites from retro days?
  • Were you any good?  How far did you get?
  • What is your record on the newer ones?
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Hogans Alley wasn't bad. it wasn't good, but it wasn't bad either. It was mediocre. it fit the bill when you wanted something else to shoot at. Since I was a kid I always enjoyed shooting pigeons. Well we called them pigeons. They were the clay disks. You yell "pull" and someone pulls a string and you fire at the disk. I was the only one that could take down 3 on one pull. The only shotgun I have now is a single shot .410, but I'm looking to get a good 12 gauge automatic. I don't want another pump.

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