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Joshua Farrell

First game you remember playing

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What was the first game you ever remember playing? Back on Windows 3 I believe, I remember this pirate game that I had to play by using a floppy disk, then typing a command line to open. THe game basically was you exploring an island I believe, and I remember spending a ton of time on the beach and there abouts. I don't remember a whole lot more from it, as I was 5-6 when I played it.

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10 hours ago, Juneberry said:

The first I can think of is Robopon...I doubt that's the actual first though. It's probably a Sonic game- I just can't remember which.

From where I’m sitting, if it was Sonic 1-3, I highly doubt you’re going to be able to remember which one it was. I could never distinguish any form of difference or unique feature between the 3. They were all 99% identical. The only one that was different was Sonic & Knuckles.

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