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Joshua Farrell

Productivity Apps on Mobile

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I have a number of apps that help me be productive... Well, sometimes. I'm really bad at not procrastinating. -.-

1. WeNote - a note taking app that lets you color code and organize your notes.
2. Poet Assistant -  A great multi-tool including dictionary/thesaurus, text to speech, etc.
3. Some bank apps
4. Weather app
5. Level Up Life -  A method of making various tasks as a game. You can make your own tasks or choose premade ones, and it's fun.

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I often use the reminders app that comes by default with every Apple device. For someone as forgetful as me, it is very useful and has saved my ass on multiple occasions, such as reminding me to submit an assignment before the deadline.

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Speaking of reminders app. I think the default Windows 10, calendar app syncing with the Google calendar and using it on both android and the Windows 10 at the same time can be one more good workflow. 

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I use all apple applications since I switched recently from Android to iPhone and plan to keep my iPhone.

Apps I use are:

  • Notes - I'm using that to keep track of forums that I'm posting on. I use the Apple Pencil to write on it all the time with my iPad Pro and it is awesome.
  • Reminders
  • Calendar
  • Newton - not an Apple app but still a really good email app.

These are my favorite productivity apps and keep me up-to-date on everything I need.

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I use notes and reminders all the time. I have a lot of doctors (6 in total) that I see for a multitude of reasons. 3 of which are neurologists. So I always put my doctor appointments in the reminders, and I make notes when something pops in my head all the time, because I don’t carry a notebook with me all the damn time.

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My phone storage was formally 16GB but after upgrading, it's now 64GB. I'm relieved for the extra capacity as this means I have room for more Apps on my iPhone. Here is a list of productivity applications installed:

  • All word-processing programs from Microsoft Office
  • Notepad
  • Weather app
  • Clock
  • Reminders/Google Calendar
  • Banking App(s)
  • PayPal for Business 
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I recently also made one group in whatsapp and added only myself. I use that for taking notes and also to drop the files into it. Telegram already has feature for something like this named saved messages. So I make use of that for quickly transfering files from desktop to mobile and vice versa. 

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